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BGP, LLC is a full service Private Investigative/Risk Management firm with over 45 years of experience in providing investigative services through out the United States.

BGP, LLC President and Owner is Charles P. Stephenson, a former Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

BGP, LLC maintains a nationwide staff and resource base to provide investigative expertise and security services to the public, private business institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of online 24/7 access to background investigative requests throughout the continental US. Many of our services are available on an immediate basis in conjunction with our clients online access. This unique service is there to benefit our clients in determining whether to continue with an offer of employment versus an automatic disqualification for the applicant.

BGP, LLC specializes in the following areas: Background Verification; Criminal History; Pre-Employment Screening and Employee Profile Testing.

The importance of screening potential employees has never been greater. The desire to find the right employee the first time is at an all time high. The initial benefit for our clients is an increase in applicant quality. A complete employee screening process:

  • Results in fewer applications with serious discrepancies
  • Discourages applicants who are trying to hide something
  • Reaps economic rewards for our clients due to an improved applicant pool and select process

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